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Commercial Services


Asphalt Paving & Repair

Trucking facility, asphalt repair in main drive to loading docks, deteriorated asphalt was removed, buried concrete was discovered & removed. Geo fabric was installed along with CR1 & Cr6 stone, compacted in lifts. Finally, a heavy-duty asphalt sections was installed in multiple compacted lifts. Perimeter of asphalt patch was backfilled and stabilized.


Residential driveway with drainage problems. Asphalt was removed, stone base was checked & proof rolled. Stone was regraded for positive drainage and compacted. Surface asphalt was installed & compacted. Edges of drive were backfilled & stabilized.


Residential driveway overlay. Driveway was cleaned and tack coat installed. Driveway was over laid with surface asphalt.


Residential driveway, existing drive was completely cracked & deteriorated. Asphalt was removed, subgrade was excavated, a 4” layer of topsoil was discovered under several inches of stone. After excavating to good bearing soil geo fabric was install along with CR1 & CR6 stone, compacted in multiple lifts. New stone base was proof rolled and surface asphalt was installed. Driveway edges were backfilled & stabilized.





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